Peplink MAX BR1 5G Pro and FirstNet

Does anyone know if Peplink MAX BR1 5G Pro and FirstNet are compatible? I am interested in purchasing the MAX BR1 5G Pro, but only if it is compatible with FirstNet.

Although its not listed on the Firstnet page it support band 14ā€¦
Iā€™m confident that it is compatible. Lets ask @TK_Liew to confirm for us.

Thanks! How do we ask @TK_Liew to confirm. I am VERY new to all this LOL

I already did, and (now you have too) by using the @ sign. He will get notified that we need his eyes on this. :slight_smile:

Do you think he will see it LOL!

Yes, MAX BR1 Pro 5G just certified with FirstNet!


Thanks Everyone!