Peplink MAX-BR1-1AC3 w/ Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine Pro

Hello - I am trying to hook up the UniFi Dream Machine Pro to my Peplink. I think I put the Peplink into bridge mode (changed from NAT to IP Forwarding) and I also tried the IP Passthrough option on/off but the Dream Machine Pro cannot connect to the internet.

Without IP Passthrough, I’m getting an IP With the IP Passthrough enabled I’m getting the cellular modem IP address from the ISP.

I connected the Peplink directly to my laptop with these settings and was able to connect to the internet. Has anyone set this up or have an idea of what I am doing wrong?

Look forward to the support. Thank you.

The dream machine takes a long time - even when the connection is live and well and active before it will tell you it has an internet connection on the smartphone app. Is that what you are using to determine if its happy and connected?

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You should be able to connect a laptop to it, run ssh against the LAN IP ( by default) login (root / ubnt) and do an ifconfig.

eth8 is the 1Gbps WAN does it have an IP address configured?

Can you ping stuff on the internet? Is DNS working?

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