Peplink Maritime 40G L Bracket Hardware Spare Parts

The v-bolt for my 40G antenna broke, any idea from where to get replacement?

Tractor Supply, Hardware store, etc. A U-bolt will work. Maybe even a boat trailer shop as they have similar bolts for the trailer guide-ons.

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Peplink ‘support’, through a ticket, told me I need to ‘import’ some SKU from Hong Kong, I suspect I have been given a reply by some AI.

So with my antenna being non-usable, anybody got any idea how this can be resolved, have I known this expensive antenna will have no support I would’ve bought some other brand.

I looked at generic hardware but dimensions don’t match.

Any idea how to get proper support from Peplink would be also great.

Where are you located?
Suggest you ask your local Peplink partner / distributor to source the part if you don’t want to get is direct from Peplink (and so have to import it) yourself.

Well, I started by contacting seller/partner, they were straightforward and said there is no spare parts options for this antenna, they were also kind enough to check with other sellers.

The Peplink support/AI gave a cryptic impression that the SKU for the spare parts is new or somehow a one off for me.

I am based in the US, I was wondering where Peplink is HQed? I couldn’t find info re this from their website, even Chinese companies I know will have better support and presence.

based on some online user feedback it does show that Peplink support might be subpar.