Peplink LTE WiFi Router interference with other devices

I have a small class B (camper van) style RV, and am using a Peplink Max BR1 Mini - very happy with the device.

However, it causes interference with other devices.

  • in one campground, when the Peplink is running, a nearby smoke/CO2 detector will trigger.
  • in a different campground, the Peplink will cause myMaxxfan Deluxe to switch on and run at top speed. However, in this campground, the smoke detector does not trigger.

I’m pretty sure that the per-campground behavior difference is due to which LTE band is being used. In fact, at one campground, ATT has a weak 1900 signal and a stronger 700 (band 12) signal. If I force the Peplink to use 700 then I get better speeds (but the smoke detector triggers) but on 1900 the smoke detector won’t trigger (but I get poor bandwidth).

This is a small van, so space is limited, but when I moved the smoke detector further away (about 1 m) from the peplink, the problems are reduced, but not eliminated.

The peplink is mounted about 6 inches from the Maxxfan, and moving either the fan or the peplink would not be easy for various reasons.

Has anyone had similar issues?

Hello @soylentgreen,
This is unusual. Are you able to test another brand of smoke detector?

Do the smoke detector or the Maxxfan have Wi-Fi or BlueTooth features?

Another option, depending on the previous question, maybe to move the antennas using one of the Peplink Antenna choices.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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