Peplink Lowest Latency Routing Question

HI All,

How does lowest latency algorithm works? When it select WAN link, to which destination IP it send periodic packet to determine round-trip-time ?
Is it based on Destination IP specified in the outbound policy ?

I have requirement to route certain traffic , for example traffic to out of WAN link which have lowest latency to . Possible to do?

This algorithm will send periodic packets to the device 2-3 hops ahead of the WAN connection to determine round trip time, and the one with the lowest value would be used.

Hi Tim Simdorn,

That would mean, its only detect latency of the WAN link towards its own ISP node? For Example,

WAN A –> ISP A(2-3Hops)
WAN B –> ISP B(2-3Hops)

In most of the case, latency to own ISP node always good, but when the packet travel beyond its ISP network, the the latency started to increase.

In that case, my requirement as above might not be fulfilled?

For your case, I would suggest you do a traceroute from the Balance’s WAN interfaces to the desired address and then just make an outbound policy rule using priority or enforced algorithm.