PepLink LoadBalancer 380 vpn connection with Juniper SSG - Intermittent

Hi All,

We manage to create a VPN connection between Peplink and Juniper SSG.
After it is done, we experience VPN intermittent. We had gone through the configuration on both side and it look fine.

So is there anything else which I should check?

Can you clarify what do you mean “VPN intermittent” ?

  1. Did you verify the internet connection when the issue happen ? How frequent the issue issue happen ?
  2. What is the firmware version running for Juniper & PBL380 ?
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Hi sit,

The firmware version is 6.3.3 build 3560.
Yes there is internet connection from peplink. There is two isp but for this activity, we only use one of the isp.

The ipsec status changes between connecting and established.

  1. How frequent the issue issue happen ?
  2. Did you check Juniper end internet connection ?
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