Peplink IPSec and failover mode

Dear mods,

We recently tested Peplink Balance 580 and considering it to be used in our company. But there are some features that I need to know.

Here is the detail of our connection :
We have sites with :
One MPLS connection
One Internet connection without Public IP

And in HQ we have :
Three MPLS backbones that connected to sites
One Internet connection with Public IPs

My questions are :

  1. Is it possible to configure VPN over internet (IPSec) with details above ?
  2. If it’s possible, then can we configure failover MPLS to IPSec ?

I asked this question to your local partner in our area and they can’t provide a good answer, especially about the IPSec.

You can put in a Balance 210 or higher at the remote sites and a Balance 580 in HQ to use our SpeedFusion technology to create an unbreakable VPN between all locations.

IPSec is inferior to our solution.

That’s what they told us. We’re gonna discuss about this first since this device will be our core router in HQ and in 14 sites. Thanks a lot for your suggestion.