Peplink installation paid for with less than a year's savings

Three years back we were looking for a MPLS replacement solution for one of our clients, and stumbled across the Peplink range of products. We decided to implement six Balance 380 units and managed to save the client more in one year than the total cost of the Peplink installation. We (and obviously the client) were so impressed with the stability of the VPN and other features it offered that we implemented six more Balance 310 units during the following year. The client am now able to communicate with every branch, irrelevant if it is connected with ADSL, satellite, broadband wireless or 3G.

Our company was so impressed with the Peplink solution that we started to implement it at other clients as well, and am proud to say that we will soon reach the “100 units” mark for Peplink and Pepwave devices that we have sold and assisted South African companies with.

Thank you Peplink for making IT life a lot easier for us!

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