PEPLINK In Control 2 Portal

Quick question;

Does the portal require the utilization of peplink AP? We have existing UNIFI and would like to keep it.

The IC2 captive portal can be applied to all traffic or from a single VLAN. So you can leave the UNIFI APs in place and send that traffic via a single captive portal with one caveat - the UNIFIs need to be in layer2 / bridge mode so that the Peplink can see the end device MAC addresses.

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THank you again for your continued support. If we have 200 potential users in a warehouse; which Peplink AP would you recommend?

I have access to several Peplink AP One’s would that work?

Yes that will work. How many is several? Warehouses can do weird stuff to RF, they act as faraday cages and can suck the range out of APs. You’ll need to deploy and test performance as you go.

Hello Martin, Just got out of quarantine center. I have been travelling for past 3 months to various facilities in the ME.
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