Peplink for the Win! (My initial review)

Hey guys, Jasper here. I’m fairly new to this forum.

Just wanted to start off by saying how I’m truly amazed by Peplink’s router capabilities, especially with the BR2 Pro. Before this I used to own a TP-Link router and before that I used to have an Asus router. But it was so annoying since my Wi-Fi would just go bonkers at times. But then I stumbled upon Peplink routers, and let me tell you, my life has gotten a lot easier. Unlike my old TP-Link and Asus routers, Peplink ones have unbeatable backup connections. It’s like magic – whenever my main connection is down, Peplink swoops in with not one, but multiple backup options! It’s nuts, really. Wired, wireless, cellular – you name it, Peplink’s got it covered. So far I haven’t experienced any interruptions with with my connectivity when I’m streaming and gaming! I have to admit, these Peplink routers are the real deal.

Anyways I only got my Peplink router recently. Time will tell if it can continue enduring my network requirements. Will keep y’all updated as I continue navigating through the different configurations that are available.