Peplink & FIbre OPTIC

Hello we need to connect the Peplink to a router firbre optic of carrer

how we can configure the peplink to route internet through the fibre optic router

the product used peplink 305 and router huwaie HG8245

any quick reply will be greately apprectied

Simply plug WAN of 305 into LAN of HG8245.

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so then what type of interface setting on peplink DHCP or STATIC ?

What is teh LAN of the HG8245 set to?

I’d try with the 305 WAN set to DHCP first and see what happens. If that doesn’t work change it to static IP to match the settings on the HG8245 instead.

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Hi Martin,
i would like to thank you first for ur availibilty
if i choice static IP on PEPLINK WAN the only change is that i affecte an IP addresse whithin the same network with LAN of HG8245 and i need to set up the gateway (IP LAN addresse of HG8245)

is thi the only configuration that i will need ?

To start yes. Assuming the HG8245 is configured in the way you want.

Routers on the WAN of a Peplink can either provide a NATTED private IP address to the Balance or they can sometimes be configured as a bridge so that the public IP is presented to the WAN of the balance.

Being set as a bridge is normally better where possible.

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we are unable to configure HG8245 as Bridge so if for example The LAN of ROUTER is

i give to WAN of pepplink and as GATEWAY

is this a good config ?

Yes that’s fine. You’ll need to set DNS servers too of course (either the HG8245’s LAN IP or google perhaps &

You could likely set 1:1 NAT for on the HG8245 also.

the part of DNS i understand it very well
but the second part i didn’t get it

“You could likely set 1:1 NAT for on the HG8245 also”

can you please provide a screenshoot of that manipulation ?

can you please provide a screenshot of 1:1 NAT config on HG8245

i know how to forward IP and Port but i had never configure 1:1 NAT on that router

Looking at the manual it seems the UI is a bit restrictive.
Here is the section you want:

So it depends on your use case for the Peplink, maybe you don’t need any (or many) inbound ports opened, in which case just add the ports you do want here individually.

However if you just want to manage port forwarding on the peplink then you could forward all ports on the Hg8245 wan to the IP address of the balance now, and manage port forwarding from the wan of the peplink to internal IPs later on the balance ui.

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really i appreciated your help thank you very much i will back to you after the action.