Peplink Enters 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure



We are proud to announce that Peplink has made its debut on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure. Gartner’s October 2018 report shines a light on the brightest and most capable companies in the WAN Edge space, and Peplink’s expertise in the SD-WAN space has earned us a spot on this prestigious report.

Follow the link below to read our press release and thank you, our valued customers, for all of your support.

Thank you!
The Peplink Team

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Congratulations guys, this just shows what a lot of us using the kit already know about how good Peplink is but people do read Gartner reports and sometimes make decisions around whats in them so this can only be a good thing!


Excellent work from all teams at Peplink. We as partners must prepare this message to our customers and use it to close sales. Besides all our capabilities, Peplink is the absolute leader in Wireless SD WAN.



Congratulations! Huge achievement. Is there a way to have access to such report?


Hi, question to the group. The term “WAN Edge Infrastructure” , does it refers to the “WAN side” of a SD-WAN implementation?
I mean, in SD-WAN I saw the Nokia offering where their site computing and storage resides in their “box” where a Firewall or even a IP PBX can be installed according to them. Problem there is that when asked “do you support multiple cellular connections”? They replied, well yes with those low cost USB Celular dongles…

Edge is restraining us from the computing and storage on our devices? Are we planning to go there? I mean, media fast is not there yet from my point of view…

I appreciate your comments,



Actually this report does not only cover SD-WAN. According to Gartner, WAN Edge Infrastructure enables network connectivity between enterprise locations. It covers network functions, including secure routers, SD-WAN, WAN path controller, WAN optimization, and traditional routing.

So the term covers a broad range of enterprise edge devices.