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Do you have a library for “draw io”? There are some vendors are there and too many people started to use it. If we -Peplink- would be involved there that would be a good marketing point and helpful for us when we want to create a topology with Peplink devices for our new projects.



I believe supports the import of PNG files. Correct me if I am not correct.
Actually, we provide .png file for machine icons for project planning.

You may find and download HERE


Hi Cassy,

I think Gökhan is talking about the implemented shapes. If you click on “+more Shapes” than you can see the following

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Thanks @gokhan.ozkan for bringing up this issue. And thanks @dennis.hofheinz for the explanation.

Now I will need to know who else is interested in this library. For those who want Peplink to prepare this, please respond to this post. If there are over 50 PCE engineers / PCSS partners respond to this post, I will allocate resources to make this happen.

Reply template: I am a PCE / PCSS (select the correct one) of Peplink. library is useful to be because (your reason).


I couldn’t agree more and have said as much in multiple other threads.

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Realise this thread is a bit old, but I’m making some Peplink icon sets at the moment building on Alan Tsui’s original Grey icon sets (which are still the best in my opinion).

Look at this beauty!


I use as well at times


I am a PCE of Peplink. library is useful because we, Netlogix are the Peplink distributor for Southern Africa and are required to draw diagrams for many clients/Resellers.


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Hi Frits,

Please check this post: Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

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