PepLink Download Test tool. Will upload testing be added to it?

Will Peplink be adding multithreaded upload testing to its feature set? I’d really like to see the tool expanded so it showed how many streams its downloading and do either a simultaneous or single upload/download across up to 5-10 concurrent streams. I’d really like to stress the connections both upstream and downstream with a better graphical feedback than just show mbps.

Another good idea would be to report the ip/web addresses it is streaming to so a person could tell how much traffic was going over each stream.

Hi Aaron,

There is some challenge to have upload test with this tool. Ths is depending whether uploading is allow at remote site.

Anyway your suggestions are good! We will look into this in future since we have many hot feature requests on hand.

Thank you.

Why can’t you guys rent some server space on a high capacity server and set it up to accept uploads? It wouldn’t be getting blasted constantly. You could just set it to attempt a 2GB file that will let us test if the upload is properly spreading across all our WAN connections. I know Google Drive is cheap and has an API, you could get a mild account there and just let it accept uploads from the tool via multiple streams and multiple files then delete them when it is done. Any thoughts on this?