PepLink DNS Question

I have set up a PepLink 210 in drop-in mode with a Verizon FIOS line on the drop-in WAN link, and a Comcast line on the other WAN link.
I’ve added DNS records on the unit with IPs for both circuits, and I have tested access to services over both lines with success.
I can access the PepLink DNS on both circuits, but no matter what DNS record I lookup in NSLOOKUP, I am only ever given back an IP in the Verizon Drop-in WAN IP range. I never get back a Comcast IP, though both are configured in the PepLink.

Am I supposed to get back both addresses? Or at least round robin?

I don’t want to cutover public NS records to the PepLink until I’m comfortable that the unit will issue the correct IPs in the event of a circult failure.

Thanks in advance.


When doing nslookup “yourdomain” it should give you both WAN IP’s of the Balance (DNS Server IPs under Network>DNS Settings). Same concept for example if creating a A record and specifying both addresses.

We will need more details. If you could create a support ticket with us and enable remote assistance, we can take a closer look at your config and troubleshoot further.