Peplink devices that can be powered by PoE - undocumented?

We went through a stack of Peplink test devices today, upgrading them to the latest firmware. Along the way we discovered that the HD2 and the Balance 30 LTE units both powered up using only the ethernet cable from a PoE enabled switch plugged into the WAN 1 port - no wall power required.

There being no hint at such a PoE feature in the documentation I was curious whether this is an incidental feature of (some of) the cellular devices, untested and therefore undocumented. Or am I missing something?

In either case - delighted to see PoE work on these devices and would think it a feature worth mentioning if generally available.


[Updated: Clarified that the PoE input was to the WAN 1 port]


PoE plugged into which port?

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PoE plugged into WAN 1

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This is interesting!
The HD2 is rated at 28W (max), this could cause an issue with some PoE set ups

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28W would bust the PoE 25.5W budget :-). I expect it is the WiFi capability that causes the potential deficit - the other HD2s are well within (and officially offering) PoE. I could see it being tempting to deploy the HD2 using PoE, and then being a tad careful about how it is being used.

Btw., how does a power shortage manifest - simply a shutdown (possibly followed by a reboot)? Or would it be a continuous power cycling as it repeatedly tries to restart. The latter presumably destroying the device after a bit.

At 15W the Balance 30 LTE is well within thePoE budget norm, though.

@zegor_mjol, I believe it should be the MAX HD2 (HW5) that you were testing, where it has an “undocumented” feature to allow you power it via the PoE Input (on WAN 1 only).

The 28W (max.) power consumption stated in the product website has taken into consideration some USB modems that might draw more power (than usual). Otherwise, an 802.3at (PoE+) input power is adequate to power the MAX HD to operate normally.


That’s great news - getting rid of another wall-wart, and easing deployment location choices!




@zegor_mjol, just to clarify that the power consumption value (28W, max.) indicated on the website is excluding the PoE output. If you want the MAX HD2 to provide PoE output, the ACW-622 is needed.


Understood and appreciated. Our people are quite happy with this as it is.



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