Peplink devices providing reliable In-vehicle Wi-Fi


  • An organization headquartered in Latin America.
  • It has one of the best coverage and an extensive network of bus routes across the country.
  • Amenities offered on the buses include Wi-Fi and entertainment.


  • To revamp their existing setup with more capable LTE devices to provide passenger Wi-Fi.
  • GPS capability is a must, in order to be able to track and manage the fleet.
  • Ease of use and configuration/management.

Recommended Solution

  • Each bus would consist of a MAX BR1 Mini.
  • This LTE router is able to support multiple carriers via its redundant SIM slot. This provides a backup connection for failover, should the primary LTE connection fail.
  • It is capable of providing seamless passenger Wi-Fi from its built-in AP.
  • The Power Terminal Block supports a secure power supply installation.
  • The built-in GPS functionality allows for fleet tracking to provide additional business insights.
  • This device is perfect to be deployed in buses, with certifications in vibration resistance and rolling stock (E Mark, EN 61373, EN50155, EN 61000)
  • By using InControl 2, they are able to push configurations to all devices remotely with zero-touch as well as gain insights into the network usage and performance.

Devices Deployed