I’ve read some reports on the MAX-BR1-PRO-GLTE-S-T-PRM CAT-20 device. As I understand it, the device is a CAT-20 4G device. Sounded very interesting to me.
I use AT&T & Verizon in my present CAT-18 Max Transit. I purchased this device in May, 2020 prior to certification for use on the Verizon network. I was assured it should work by the seller & after a great deal of time & effort, I did get it working prior to actually being certified for use on the Verizon network. Lesson learned… should work & certified on a given carrier’s network are really two different things.
As I’m giving some serious consideration on the above referenced device, I thought I would take a look on the Peplink/Pepwave product website to see what I could find out about certification(s). I’ve always found their website difficult to navigate, so it was no surprise to me I could not even find the product listed.
Out of frustration, more than anything, I googled ‘devices certified for use on the Verizon network’. The search took me to the I searched Pepwave & the screen was populated with all the Peplink/Pepwave devices Verizon shows as certified. The particular model referenced above is not listed as certified with Verizon. It shows up on AT&T’s list when performing a similar google search.
The next logical question would be… What is the anticipated time frame for this device to be certified for use on the Verizon network?

I checked the Verizon web site for the Pepwave MAX BR1 Pro 5G (MAX-BR1-PRO-5GH-T-PRM) and it says it is unable to process my request. Previously it said device was not approved. Must be doing an update or is overloaded. Tested the BR1 Pro 5G with a nano-SIM out of a Verizon 7730L Jetpack it works fine along side of the AT&T prepaid 100GB data plan.