Peplink Device Recommendation?

Hello all,
Im looking to get a peplink balance device to do mostly load balancing with two 150mbps for a church/office environment, we have three buildings connected under one network with 6 AP units, 35 personel, an IT lab of 30 computers, a guest AP (included in the 6 AP) for a hall that can seats 150, another AP (included in the 6 AP) for a boardroom that seats 30 people and finally a AP unit (also included in the 6 AP) for the main Sanctuary that seats 300. Can anyone recommend a device for this environment ? Thanks in advance.

Hello Anthony117,

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If the total between the two WANs is 150Mbps you can look at the Balance 20 or anything higher. If each wan is capable of 150Mbps, totaling 300Mbps, you’ll want to look at the Balance 30 Pro or higher. All of the devices listed here on the Small Office / Branch tab are able to support at least 10 APs, some of them up to 30.

For the APs, either the AP One AC Mini or the AP One Enterprise. More information on these devices can be found here.

I would recommend contacting a Peplink Certified Partner and working with them directly as they will be able to go over your needs in more details and make the best recommendation for you. A list of our Certified Partners can be found here.


Thank you for the reply, I’ve noticed there’s a recommended number of users on these devices like the peplink balance 20 with a recommended user between 1 to 60, Can you explain this ? Thank you in advance.

This is based on the number of devices connected to the network. In some cases users will connect to a network but if they are not pushing any network traffic you may be able to connect more devices. If your sanctuary is at full capacity with 300 people and all of them are pushing traffic over the network, you’ll want to get a device that’s able to support the 300 people. If only 60 of those 300 people are connected and doing something to generate traffic, you should be fine.

If your church will be growing, it may be worth taking into account the growth and looking at a device that may be able to support more users. For that, you’d need to look in the Enterprise / Headquarters section of the link from above.


Thank you for the info.