Peplink Device is not performing well and not getting proper support from Peplink support team

Hi All,

We are facing some issue with our newly Peplink 580X device. issues are like sometime we are getting packet drops over some IPsec tunnels which we have configured in Peplink after restarting the Peplink device it started working fine. second issue even after prioritizing the VOIP and Zoom call traffic in highest priority still we are facing lagging and choppiness while having Zoom calls when are removing Peplink from the network everything started working fine. and if we are reaching out to Peplink Team for support they are routing the support call to some vendors and the Vendor they don’t have any answer for the issues. if Peplink support team is not able to resolve the issue what should we do in this case ?.

Does the 580x have multiple wans? Why not use speedfusion?

IPsec tunnels dont have QoS and are pinned to a single wan.

What do the wan quality and bandwidth charts show while the issue is happening and compared to normal traffic. Are the wan links actually saturated when the problems arise?

Can you share a network diagram.
As @erickufrin said use a speedfusion tunnel for best performance.
Place a fusiobhub on the far end if you don’t have a physical pepwave available.

I’ve been a Peplink Customer for 9+ years. Support has gone downhill, New firmware seems to break outbound polices and I have to screw with our BPL-380 almost once a week. This will probably be my last Peplink load balancer as I am looking at FATPIPE and or other options…

@JebG, I took over your ticket and responded to you. The reported problem doesn’t seem related to the outbound policy. Please help to follow up with me on the ticket.

@gradywhite, you may contact your point of purchase if you face any technical issues. Our local partner should be able to help. By the way, the Peplink partner and I responded you in the ticket.