Peplink deployment - multisite


Hello Guys,

I have 10 sites currently under an MPLS which am seeking to retire mainly due to low bandwidth and high cost. I can get two connections, Fiber and cable for less

I have one main site with 200 people, one with 40 people and the rest all have 15.
since I will be going over public WAN I don’t want internet to exit out of all locations, so am seeking that all sites send their traffic out of two locations, the Main DC Site and Backup DC. All internal services are hosted in the Main Data Center.

I was looking into the Balance 380 for main and backup site and 310’s for the rest of the sites.
Will those devices allow me to configure the network traffic be send out of two sites?
Any though on running firewall only at the main DC and Backup? or should I explore firewalls for those locations as well?


This would be ideal for a SpeedFusion deployment and you can send all internet traffic from the remote sites to the DC, failing over to the Backup DC. The Balance 310s have a stateful firewall so each remote site can also be protected.