Peplink Connectivity Powers 1,600 Vaccination Centers in the UK

Vilnius, Lithuania – 23 March 2021 – Peplink, a connectivity company with a strong focus in enabling highly resilient and scalable network connectivity anywhere, through its partners in the UK, worked with Cellhire and O2 UK to enable rapid deployment of over 1,600 vaccination centres for the NHS.

The UK’s COVID-19 vaccination program required urgent set up of vaccination sites across the country. The NHS has tasked O2 UK to provide these sites with reliable network connectivity. Given the urgency of the vaccination program, a highly scalable connectivity solution is required.

Working to support O2, global telecommunication provider Cellhire has chosen Peplink primarily because of its remote management platform, InControl2, which enables zero-touch configuration and remote monitoring of routers anywhere on a large scale. Meanwhile, Cellhire’s multi-network secure mobile data works well together with Peplink routers’ failover capability to ensure that each vaccination site is powered by a highly resilient mobile connection.

Slingshot6 and Frontier BV, Peplink’s UK channel partners in the project, worked diligently through the logistical challenges caused by holiday periods to ensure a steady flow of product consignments to Cellhire. In order to deal with the need for almost immediate shipment of routers to keep pace with the rapid rollout, a consignment stock of routers was provided to Cellhire and held at their York office.

“Cellhire needed to provide a solution that was quick to deploy and scalable. Cellhire chose Peplink Pepwave MAX routers because they met all the requirements.”  said Matt Bennett, UK Managing Director at Cellhire Plc. “The best features of IC2 were the ability to centrally manage the configuration, so once a device was joined to InControl 2, it was configured without user interaction and ready to be deployed in a matter of minutes.”

“This is really a story about how exceptional teamwork delivered large scale connectivity solutions quickly during a national health emergency,” said Andrew Harris, Founder and Managing Director of Slingshot6.

“We are greatly honored to be a part of the NHS’s life-saving vaccination program. From the drawing board to field deployment, this project took only weeks. This is made possible only by the diligent work from all parties. The urgency and scale of the project also serve as an excellent demonstration of Peplink’s ease-of-use and scalability.” Keith Chau, General Manager of Peplink said.

“Mobile internet is not perfectly reliable, but more and more applications and devices will depend on it in the near future. Peplink has a full stack of scalable products and technologies geared to enhance reliability of branch networks using mobile internet, and we are ready to work with committed partners to solve connectivity challenges in any condition.”, Keith added.