Peplink compatible with UPS?


At this moment the Peplink Balance 580 does not support an UPS. Will there be an option for an UPS in future?
It would be great if the Peplink would just shut down in case of a powercycle-error.

Hope it will be available soon in a firmware update.

Kind Regards,

Dennis Linnert
Tritel BV
The Netherlands

Hi Dennis, can you elaborate more on this? Not sure I understand your question…

Hi Tim, it would be great if the Peplink would support an UPS. Then the Peplink could just shutdown instead of turn off at once in case there was a power outage. And maybe it could power up once the power is restored? When thats even possible (?). I think the support of an UPS will lower the change the Peplink will be damaged by a power-outage.

Hi Dennis, I believe there is a serial interface or anything like that on the UPS that will send out the power outage alert. Which UPS are you using?

Hi Alex,

There is a serial-interface and a USB-interface on the UPS. But the Peplink 580 does not have a serial-interface. It does have a USB-interface on the front, but in the webinterface of the Peplink I don’t see any options for the support of an UPS. I am using a APC Smart-UPS X LCD 750VA.

Hi ,

APC UPS has a software known as powerchute network shutdown which is installed on servers and communicates with UPS to shutdown the OS properly before the UPS battery runs out of power.

I think it’s not applicable for other network equipments like switches , routers ( Peplink ) , etc. because a sudden power outage will not cause any damage to the OS on these equipments and whenever power comes back they will automatically start !!! to protect your Peplink from any power distortions it’s better to use a UPS but it doesn’t need any automatic shutdown in my opinion.

Hi Hootan,

Thanx for your reply. I will connect the Peplink to the UPS and that’s that.