Peplink + Citrix + VoIP Adds Up to Fast, Cost-Effective WAN for Pluss


Pluss, a social enterprise helping the UK’s disabled and disadvantaged to become employed, recently sought a more cost-effective alternative to using expensive MPLS lines in a busy WAN that spans 37 locations with 290 VoIP endpoints. A Peplink customer since 2006, Steve Taylor, IT Manager at Pluss, settled on the Peplink Balance series, which allows him to aggregate multiple commodity DSL lines for fast and dependable Citrix, VoIP, and other WAN applications, all at a big savings over MPLS.

Dive Deep and Learn More about Pluss’ Peplink Deployment
Visite our website to see how Steve Taylor decreased connectivity and administrative costs while improving performance and service delivery with Peplink. Our new Customer Deep Dive case study takes you deep into Pluss’ Peplink installation with an extended interview and deployment notes. Available right now in convenient PDF format, the Pluss Customer Deep Dive is a great way to get insight into how Peplink solutions can lead to faster, more dependable, and more cost-effective networking for your own organization.

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