Peplink Certified Sales Specialist (PCSS) Exam Tips

As a Peplink Certified Sales Specialist you’ll be required to stay well informed on Peplink latest products and technology, this ensure you’re equipped with knowledge of how our products can fulfil customers requirements. Peplink certification is more than just about passing a test, it is about joining an elite community.

The following tips will have you acquainted for the exam:

  • Become familiar with different deployment scenarios available on solution & case study pages

  • Learn the general description of product series and names to answer questions easily without searching

  • Get to know about SpeedFusion technologies like WAN Smoothing and Hot Failover, different algorithms and functions Peplink offers

  • Make the most of the Balance ,Max and AP series Comparison tables we’ve created

  • Know the 3 Major Categories of Peplink products

  • Understand the different types of Warranty policies we offer

  • Become knowledgeable with our IoT-focused product brand,PEPXIM

  • Understand the responsibility, Do and Don’ts of being a Peplink Certified Partner.

Good Luck!

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