Peplink Certified Engineer Exam Prep


I am looking to take the PCE exam, I have been working with Peplink products for a few years but not the broad product range so I guess I have some work to do.

As part of my preparation for the exam, I have watched YouTube videos, Bootcamp webinars, Peplink glossary, Product Data Sheets and FAQs.

Can anyone help with what else I need to use for preparation or specific parts of the Peplink website I need to focus on to pass the exam and any methodology to follow?

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  1. Know the last features and fixes from release notes.
  2. Know older versions of ranges and differences.
  3. The forum has great articles on all features - specifically features that add value to peplink and differentiate peplink products
  4. Read and understand the Terms and Conditions of peplink sales and support.
  5. Look at products in each vertical sector an understand why each is used.
  6. Look at case studies.



Hi @hcg,

Thank you for the information.


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