PEPLINK CAT - ATT Data - Ring Alarm issue

Pepwave-ATT-Ring problem: Does anybody else have this problem…when I have my Ring Alarm Base Station connected to my Pepwave Cat 18 Modem using my ATT cellular data, the Ring Base Station often (5-6 times a day or more) sends me alerts that the cellular connection is lost/offline and then less then one minute later it says it’s back online. I’ve tried the Ring connected to the modem via wifi and ethernet but no difference. I have also tried it when the modem is using T-Mobile and Verizon data and it does NOT occur, so it seems like an ATT issue. I’ve tried a new ATT sim and no change. Thoughts?

Did you setup an enforced outbound rule for the ring via the peplink?
I did a setup here if you want to look: