Oh boy… I think I have a problem! My CAT-18 does not recognize either of the sims installed. WiFi is working fine.
I’ve rebooted the the device several times. I’ve powered it off & removed & reinserted the sims. Still does not recognize either sim.
On the display; the status light is a steady green, the WiFi light is a blinking green, the cellular light is off.
Any suggestions on the next step to take?

are you sure you installed and seated the SIMs properly?

Device has been in use since May, 2020.

so it was working and then immediately stopped working on its own? it was not touched at all? have you opened a peplink support ticket?

Let me go into a little more detail. Full timer in RV. We are in a RV park with very good WiFi. I have never grasped the advantage of ‘Health Care’ in my use case, so I disabled it. If my cellular signal drops, the switch to WiFi is instantaneous. I typically open the UI multiple times a week so I can monitor the GB consumption. When I opened up the UI yesterday, I discovered the issue.
It appears that what ever occurred, transpired around the 24th of this month. A good portion of that week, I was working on the installation of a new NAS device at my son’s home/office, I did not notice the error message until yesterday.
A service ticket has been opened up yesterday with the seller of the equipment accompanied with a diagnostic report. It’s my understanding that is the way support is supposed to work. I would expect to hear something tomorrow.
As for not touching it at all… not sure if I did not physically touch it (as with hands), not dropped or handled roughly & no configuration changes, reboots, etc until the problem was discovered.