Peplink – Case study PNJ Vietnam


Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company (PNJ) is the leading jewelry trading company in Vietnam with more than 300 stores and branches nationwide.

Previously, PNJ relied on MPLS protocol to build centralized storage systems, ERP, accounting and many other work applications for chain systems. Although using MPLS has high reliability, the transmission line is often interrupted when connection fails, resulting in business process delays. Therefore, the deployment of a new network system more stable is absolutely necessary to limit risks for PNJ.


To overcome the weaknesses of the existing transmission system, a new network solution for PNJ needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Ability to build a large-scale network of links between headquarters and branches, shops across the country.
  • Ensuring the stability of the transmission line, avoiding interruptions due to connection errors.
  • Highly flexible, easy to scale when needed.
  • In addition, MPLS’s monthly maintenance fee is too high, so cost optimization is also an important criterion in the process of finding solutions.


After searching for a network solution that meets the set requirements, PNJ decided to use a hybrid WAN link backup solution through leased lines, fiber optic cable (FTTx), DSL and Router devices. Load balancing of Peplink.
The solution not only meets the need to connect the branch chain system at an affordable rate, but also ensures the stability and continuity of the transmission line.

Diagram of transmission connection between the head office and PNJ branch chain

PNJ headquarters is equipped with two Peplink Balance 580 devices running in high availability (HA) for hardware redundancy, supporting up to 5 WAN connections for high bandwidth and resilience. concatenation. For branch offices and stores belonging to the PNJ chain, Peplink Balance 380 and Peplink Balance 210 devices are installed to use up to 3 WAN links that create SpeedFusion connections (WAN Virtualization Technology’s exclusive Peplink) to headquarters.


After deploying Peplink’s Load Balancing Router system, the network line used had more bandwidth thanks to the pooling of bandwidth from multiple physical WAN connections. Not only that, now PNJ branch offices can also easily connect VPN to the headquarters and vice versa. This makes the working process and data exchange between headquarters and branches more convenient than ever.

A practical connection model for PNJ with Peplink Balance devices

Most importantly, the connection between the points remains uninterrupted when one of the WAN links fails. And in case PNJ wants to expand the system, setting up more branches to connect to the network is also easier.

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