Peplink BR1 mini with third party serial adapter

I’m using the BR1 mini as the internet source for an access control system in an area where internet is not yet available (new subdivision, doesn’t have a legal address to bring service yet). The BR1 is connected to an TCP/IP to serial converter provided by the company who makes the access control system and is used for programming residents, codes, cards, etc.; for reference, it is a USR-TCP232. Everything works fine on the LAN through the BR1 mini, but when trying to connect outside of the LAN, I get failures. I have opened the ports needed for access, I can ping the IP address, but the serial data will not go through. I even setup the UART parameters in the web console of the BR1, hoping that those would take effect even though I’m not using Peplink’s converter. The access control manufacturer says I have to use their converter, is this going to be an ongoing issue, or is it possible to use this device with Peplink?

This will most likely be because the BR1 MIni is on cellular and most mobile networks use Carrier Grade NAT so don’t accept inbound routing.

Two options are get a public IP SIM card, or (my preference) setup a free FusionHub License on a virtual server on Vultr for 6USD/month and then use the FusionHub public IP as the target and port forward from that to the IP of the IP serial convertor.


That sounds like my luck, would have been nice to have been told this when I was discussing the project with the business rep at Verizon. I’ll check out the fusionhub option and see what we can do. Thanks for the help.

I made a video here that might help: Setting Up FusionHub on Vultr – Martin Langmaid – SDWAN Architect