Peplink BPL 1350 Comparison to the other competitor

Hi Guys,

Can you give me an documents regarding to the comparison to other competitor of Peplink model BPL1350.

Thank you.

@Peds At this moment we don’t have any comparison chart against our competitor.

When most of my partners come to me for comparison chart, I’ll usually ask them to find out information like

  1. Customer existing network infrastructure
  2. Models of load-balancer are you comparing (Balance? MAX?)
  3. What kind of solutions are you comparing (Simple internet aggregating? Site to Site VPN?)
  4. Cost of solution?

When you have information like the above, comparison should be straight-forward for you.
Either it drills down to just comparing each hardware specs + cost, or which solution best suits customer’s need.

Some of Peplink’s advantages are for example, user-friendly interfaces, features we have, ability to support multiple site connectivity via SpeedFusion, and regardless of what kind of connections they use (e.g. wired / cellular / satellite).

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