Peplink benefit to an ISP, WISP etc

Dear Forum
This is a simple question for our use case and probably for other ISPs in this forum. We have been using peplink for several years and it’s been rock solid helping us to provide 100% uptime on link availablitiy however, I feel we are grossly underutilizing it’s potencial. We Use it basically in a drop in mode (layer 2) for failover for multiple upstream and that’s it.

I was hoping to dig deep into other features that will be beneficial to an ISP enviroment (still in dropin mode) however not sure if what features to start exploring and how.

Any pointer would be greatly appreciated.

I was about to answer this - then I realised the answer is - ‘it depends’…
Want to do a call or an email thread with me and we can brainstorm? Then after maybe we could put a list here of ideas for others to think about too…

Sure, that is the essence!. How would you suggest we get started?