Peplink balance310 hanging

hello every one in my company they have a Peplink balance310 and when ac power is lost and come again the Peplink dosent work and no internet access then i have to reset it and it works it happens every time the ac power is lost , so how can i solve this problem ??



For clarification when you say “everyone in my company and they have a Balance 310”. Is there multiple 310’s? Or is it the one 310 that everyone in the company is relying on for internet connectivity? Also, when power is off, the Balance 310 goes off as well as, it sounds like there is no UPS associated with it, and then when the power does come back on you have to manually unplug it and re-plug it back in for it to come up? For testing purposes I would recommend trying a different power supply and also a different outlet.


i forgot to do a semi Semicolon after everyone;
i changed the power supply and it works


Thank you for the update and glad to hear everything is working.