peplink Balance x20 - LTE vodafone Germany

Hi Communtity!

I can’t get my vodafone Germany SIM card running in my peplink Balance x20. I changed the APN from auto to custom, without success.


Anyone running this? Can someone help?

Thanx and best regards!

The Solution → The right Vodafone GigaCube APN Settings
APN → (Vertrag) → (Websessions, CallYa, Prepaid) → (Vodafone GigaCube)

  1. Server (Auch: DNS1 oder Primär-DNS)
  2. Server (Auch: DNS2 oder Sekundär-DNS)

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Hi Rainer,

yes, Gigacube SIM-Cards without the Gigacube APN will stay on Obtaining IP-Address.
If you need more help, feel free to contact us

Best wishes from Munich