Peplink Balance with 6.3 : VLAN Trunk vs Access?

I would like to run a guest wifi network on third party hardware, and have that traffic isolated on a VLAN from the rest of my network. My wifi gear will be delivering un-tagged packets but I think what I want is for the peplink router to automatically tag them. Is that what the difference between “Port Type Trunk” vs “Port Type Access” is? I tried “Port Type: Access” and it appears to be doing what I want.

I searched the 6.3 user manual for the word “trunk” but did not find it.

A trunk allows pretagged packets to passthrough without changing the tag while an access port takes the packets it receives and retags them.

Thank you - I didn’t see this in the documentation and google searches didn’t find it either.

A better explanation of Trunk vs Access Ports with some examples of the impact on traffic through VLAN and non-
Vlan switches would be very very helpful!


You may refer here for better understanding of trunk and access port.