Peplink balance + windows server VPN setup help


I am attempting to connect to my windows 2012 vpn server, through our Peplink Balance 305. For whatever reason I am getting conflicting ports that need to be opened and/or which method works best.

I have the windows firewall turned off on the server for testing and done the following to try and get this to work.

1st attempt : added the server to the servers inbound access section. then added the services to the machine on ports IP:47, TCP:1723 for PPTP and UDP:500, UDP:5500, UPD:1701 for IPsec
I am trying both just to see if we can even get connected, and we can’t connect to the server.

2nd attempt : added access rules to the firewall for the afore mentioned ports to the inbound rules list, and still no connection.

I am kinda at a loss as to why I can’t connect, as I said I am running a win2012 r2, nothing on it, firewall off. and straight to this Peplink device. I did some looking around and apparently there are different ports used depending on what software is used… do I have the right ports ? or am I missing something in the setup on the Peplink ?

Please any help would be great.


Are you using latest firmware version? Please download here and test again if you are using old firmware.

If firmware upgrade doesn’t help, please provide screenshot for Servers, Services of Inbound Access and Inbound Firewall Rules. Please open ticket for us to check further if this is sensitive.

Thank you.