Peplink Balance to Support IPv6?

All Peplink device doesn’t support IPv6? Do we need to change the device once available or just upgrade the firmware? What about the device is more then a year and did not sign any TotalCare?

IPv6 is supported since firmware 5.4, Steiven.

The scope of all IPv6 features is pretty elaborated and demand depends largely on ISP adoption as well. Do you have any specific IPv6 feature in mind?

Our current implementation includes IPv6 support on one of the available Ethernet WAN ports. To enable IPv6 support on a WAN, the router connected to the Peplink WAN port with IPv6 enabled must respond to Stateless Address Auto configuration advertisements and DHCPv6 requests. IPv6 clients on Peplink LAN will acquire their IPv6, gateway, and DNS server addresses from it. The device will also acquire an IPv6 address for performing ping/traceroute checks and accepting web admin accesses.

If you want to upgrade your out-of-warranty device to the latest firmware for IPv6, please contact your local distributor or [email protected] (if purchased directly from us) and we will figure a way to extend the warranty on your device given it is in good condition.

Thanks Kurt.

In PPPoE Settings and Health Check Settings…I can’t put he google public DNS IPv6 addresses as below.

The Google Public DNS IPv6 addresses are as follows:


Using IPv6 server address for DNS Health Check isn’t supported yet. Any particular reason to use IPv6 server address?

No particular reason while the IPv4 still can be use. Some article/ Lab-Test results the IPv6 have better performance compared to IPv4, just a self-initial for test run since most of the ISP is IPv6 ready.

No problem, Steiven. This is on the list. You see IPv6 is a large framework so full support will have to come in phrases. Let’s use IPv4 address for the time being.

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Is there any provision to peplink DNS support register AAAA?

Hi Peplink Team,

Do you have any update on this last qquestion, supporting AAAA record and IPv6 support on multiple ports?
I see it’s scheduled in phases, can that schedule be posted here so I can inform that to the customer here?