Peplink Balance Power Consumption


I have a radio site that has a DC power system in place with DC battery backup and I need to find a router that can utilize that. I know that the MAX series has direct DC inputs, but the LAN ports are limiting. The MAX 700 has 8-LAN ports, but the cost is out of the scope of the project. I was thinking about getting a Balance One, but cannot locate the power requirements (I know it can take a 12-24V DC input range), such as the power consumption (Amps).

It would be nice if Peplink posted in the specifications on their website and input voltage range (12-24V DC) of the Balance routers that utilize DC input (AC/DC wall wart) along with the max Amps consumed. If anyone has the information for the routers below, please let me know, thanks for the assistance.

30 LTE (BPL-031-LTE-V-T)



You may get power info here.


It only states Watts, does not include Amps. Can that get added, like on the MAX series comparison?



This can be easily calculated by dividing the Power (Watts) by the supply voltage. As an example, 15W divided by 12VDC = 1.25 Amps.


Yes, Watts/Volts = Amps. It would be nice to include what units use a AC/DC wall wart or an AC power cord in the comparison matrix. This would mitigate one having to Google the back images of the routers to see what power source they take.


I see where you are coming from…


Please find the attached. It is located at bottom of the page. :slight_smile:


Thanks, somehow I missed that. Would be nice if it was in the matrix itself, rather than the bottom of the page, makes comparing much easier.


hello just have a very specific question because the power source is a solar in the middle of regional area - what is the exact or approximate power consumption of Balance 210 when 2x WAN ports and only 1x LAN port is in used?

Hi Reynaldo,

Max power consumption for Balance 210 is 15W. You should tell the provider the max power consumption. It is not easy to tell power consumption for a particular situation.