Peplink Balance & Pepwave MAX Firmware 5.4.7 RC [Firmware 5.4.7 GA Released on 2013-01-15]

We are happy to announce Firmware 5.4.7 RC, please try and you also can post the comment in Beta Feedback forum](Peplink | Pepwave - Forum)

Download links:

Peplink Balance 20/30…-build1648.bin

Peplink Balance 210/310 Hardware Revision 1…-build1920.bin

Peplink Balance 210/310 Hardware Revision 2/3…-build1493.bin

Peplink Balance 380 or above…-build2423.bin

Pepwave MAX 700/HD2…-build1941.bin

Changes to Firmware 5.4.7 since 5.4.6**


  • HA failover will be performed if all WAN links of Master unit go down
  • New SpeedFusion connection states on Dashboard


  • SpeedFusion stability and performance
  • Local DNS Proxy stability
  • Stability of Outbound Policy by domain name
  • Stability of HA configuration sync


  • Please upgrade to firmware 5.3.12 before upgrading to firmware 5.4 (B20/30 only)
  • SpeedFusion Site-to-Site VPN 5.4 is also backward compatible with firmware 5.2/5.3
  • For the best performance, we recommend to use latest 5.4 firmware in all VPN peers
  • Firmware 5.4 now utilizes TCP port 32015 and UDP port 4500. (Firmware 5.2/5.3 used TCP port 32015 and UDP port 32015)

Thanks for your time and effort on trying out the 5.4.7 RC guys. Everything works well with 5.4.7 RC and it has made it to a GA release.

Here is the announcement and the download URL.