Peplink Balance One with CoGent Router and Time Router


We have two ISPs one is utilizing a Cogent router and the other a Time Warner modem. If we connect the time warner modem only and just one pc the peplink shows the full speed of time warner 25up/25 down. If we connect to the Cogent which is 100 up 50 down, it only gets speeds of 20 up and down.

We have played with changing the port speed and mtu settings and we still do not get the proper results. Any other settings that can be played with.



Hi Paul,

  1. How your PC connected to Balance One? Wireless or wired? If tested on wireless, can you connect PC directly to Balance and test again?

  2. Have you tested to connect PC directly to Cogent router? What speed you get?

Thank you.


The PC is wired to Balance only, no wireless. The speeds of the internet is fine when the PC is directly connected to the Cogent router, only when Peplink is in between


Hi Paul,

This is strange. Please help to open ticket in order for us to investigate.

Thank you.