Peplink balance one slow on combined download load speed

I just put in service a PepLink Balance one core with DSL (12 Mbps D and 1Mbps U) and a cable modem (100 Mbps D and 10 Mbps U). After that the best I can get from doing speed test is 11 Mbps D and 11 Mbps U. the upstream data speed is what I expected but there down stream is now less than 10%. I hook up to the cable modem direct it gets 105 Mbps D and 11 Mbps U.

What did I need to do to get what I am expecting. 110 Mbps Down and 11 Mbps up?

thank in advance.

Take a look at Weird Speed Test Results

It depends on Outbound Policy.

It happens that some speed tests use HTTPS streams and some use HTTP, and if it’s using HTTPS then the HTTPS Persistence rule will usually kick in, limiting the bandwidth testing to one of the WANs.

Also, make sure that in Network/WAN/ the upload and download bandwidth settings are correct.