Peplink Balance One / NAT Pfsense

Hi Guys

I am having some issues with NAT on a Balance ONE and PFsense , maybe someone can point me in the right direction.
Network is setup as follows.

Peplink Balance One with 2 x Wan Connection with static ip’s ( -Lan IP) ---- PFsense with 2 network cards ( Wan Side = with Peplink IP as gw) –> Lan side ( –> 2 switch with DHCP enabled on PFsense giving out addresses.

Now on Peplink I made NAT rule to forward all traffic to PFSense Wan IP port 444 to access pfsense from home - This rule works perfectly and i can manage the firewall from remote sites.

Now I am trying to add another rule on peplink to allow a connection to a pc on the lan with on port 1433 using the same port forwarding rules on peplink but the traffic does not even reach the fw . (system logs would atleasst indicate a attempted connection but its not)

Where am i going wrong am i missing something.

Help with this will be appreciated , if you require more info please dont hesitate to contact me

Since you have a double NAT you will need to create two sets of port forwarding rules, one in the Balance and another on the pfsense.

I took it as being a Double nat issue , but might be lack of experience , Can you maybe assist in pointing me in the right direction.

Currently the peplink is just setup to forward all port to the wan interface of the Pfsense.

I can supply you with any info you require.


Hi Phoenix,

Please do the steps below:-

  1. Perform Port Forwarding on PFsense
  • Configure Port Forwarding (if your subnet is /24) —> You may check this with your vendor.
  1. Perform Port Forwarding on Balance One
  • Network > Port Forwarding > Add Service > Follow settings below:-

Hope this help.