Peplink Balance One Magicjack QoS settings

Hi everyone.

Id like to ask you expertise regarding QoS settings for magicjack.

We are actually having trouble configuring it properly
our current custom application for qos are these

Magicjack SIP signaling set to high priority
UDP Port range 5060-5070

Magicjack RTP voice set to high priority
UDP Port range 10000 - 30000

but still see no improvement
the call becomes choppy whenever our bandwidth is consumed, we have 10mbps up/down
But since the idea of qos is to prioritize traffic, i shouldn’t be experiencing bad call right?

Help me guys.
Any suggestions on this stuff?

Also Currently the router firmware is booted to 6.1.2 build 1597
but has upgraded the alternative firmware to 6.3.1 builld 2257


  1. Can you share what kind of traffic saturated the bandwidth? Possible to share screenshot on this?

  2. RTP ports for MagicJack are varies based on my finding. Look like between 10,000 - 65535. If so, this is quite a large range. Fyi, ports for BitTorrent also fall under this range.

I’m not sure what to screenshot to take but for the first question,
Users downloading stuff or streaming usually causes our bandwidth to get saturated,
as my boss don’t really wan’t me to limit users bandwidth since he’s point is that voip only uses a little bandwidth in the first place with QoS Set properly everything should be fine.

I’d like to get your professional ideas that I can do in order to make our network run efficiently
Though there’s a user manual, Still I am confused with Group Bandwidth Reservation and Individual Bandwidth Limit, in hope of at least reserving space for VoIP.

But you could have a better idea.

for number 2, I’ll try those links and for the port range i’ll test those too.
Thank You for responding.

I’m unsure how to perform this on the peplink,
it says open ports
TCP Ports List: 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS)
UDP Ports List: 5060, 5070, 10000-65535

Should I navigate to Firewall>Access Rules?
What’s more confusing is that there Outbound Firewall Rules and nbound Firewall Rules


I think Group Bandwidth Reservation is more suitable for you. Below is the settings:-

  1. Ensure you configured accurate upload and download bandwidth on each WAN interface (Network > WAN > Select WAN interface > Connection Settings > Upload Bandwidth and Download Bandwidth).

  2. Configure Group Bandwidth Reservation

Hope this help.

Thank you very much TK Liew for such help and I appreciate your enthusiasm towards assisting me with this issue.
And hope to get more help with soon to post problems I am looking forward for solutions.