Peplink Balance One IPSec VPN to Ubiquiti USG

Hi All,

I am new to the Peplink kit and have tried working out if this is possible or not but i cant seem to find anything that helps.

I have a site with a Peplink Balance once and am trying to configure an IPSec Tunnel to another site using a Ubiquiti USG-Pro-4. Iv tried many different configs but all i get is “IKE/ESP Proposal refused, please verify settings.”

Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi there,

This is something that I have also wondered.

I have been successful in connecting the USG to another router such as PFSense but only using IKEv2 and not V1 on IPSec.

It appears that from other research I’ve done that the USG only supports IKEv2 IPSec VPN therefore the Peplink routers must support IKEv2 in order for it to work. I am not sure if the Peplink kit supports IKEv2 but I’ll keep looking.


Scrap my previous reply!

I’ve just been playing around and the USG now supports IKE v1 & v2 - have done config in the Peplink GUI and also within the Unifi controller for the USG and the IPSec link works! :slight_smile:


Hi Rob,

I have been able to successfully create the IPSec link between both USG and Peplink, I had to delete the automated VTI and create a legacy tunnel by CLI. There after I have been able to successfully pass traffic from USG site to Peplink site but not the other way. I believe its USG firewall related. Issue I now have is the USG doesn’t support many DHCP scope options so now I need to play with that or replace it with a Peplink.

I will keep you posted



Can you please share configuration printscreen, thanks

Hello there TechnologyClinic,

Wanted to ask if you have a video on the steps to configure a Peplink Balance One IPSec to EdgeRouter?



Hello. I have set up a working VPN between an Edge Router PoE and a Peplink Balance 20. It is not the same model but web interface is the same and IPSec site to site configuration is the same on both models of Peplink. Here is the file video I used to configure the Edge Router and I will also attach a screenshot of my peplink IPSec Configuration. On both ends I disable Perfect Forward Secrecy or PFS.

Just replace the Remote Gateway with your own public IPs.

If you need to tweak your settings in the Ubiquiti Side go to Config Tree in the web interface to the VPN tab. Hope this helps.