Peplink Balance one for social media hotspot

I am looking at purchasing a balance one plus an enterprise hotspot to offer free visitor wifi.

Can I manage the ‘Social Wi-Fi hotspot’ through AP CONTROL?

It indicates on the website that social wifi hotspot needs the InControl 2 subscription to function.

But it also appears on the Balance One information that AP CONTROL replaces Incontrol2 web based management. and that I would have to turn off the AP CONTROL to use the web based.

My preference would be to use all the features onsite on the Balance One router if I can, just looking for more clarification before I make the purchase.

Social Wi-Fi hotspot can only be managed through IC2. AP One and AP Pro devices will be automatically managed by the AP Controller when that feature is enabled. To use InControl for management instead you would need to disable the AP Controller feature on your Balance One.


Thanks for the quick reply, I suspected that to be the case, have purchased the products this afternoon! :slight_smile:

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