Peplink Balance One Feature Request

Hey, we have quite a lot of customers contact us in the 10-20 device range, whether it be computers or IP phones or both. I love all Peplink devices and only use these routers for our company’s deployments. Here is my request and why:

  1. Make the Balance One’s LAN ports all POE while still keeping the gigabit throughput as well.
  • Reason 1 - We only deploy VoIP Phones with POE devices, so this could in tern save the customer some money when it comes to buying a POE switch on top of a router.
  • Reason 2 - Say there is the MAX devices physically on the network for this router (16). I could VLAN the Balance One for my VoIP phones and Computers and Daisy Chain all 8 computers through all of my VoIP Phones. And still have the Wireless capability with the Balance One model, all in a price range that we can sell that is extremely competitive.

*Now you can have a 16 user (hard wire) customer that only needs 1 device on the LAN. This is excluding if they have an onsite Server, etc. But for the most part it could save a lot of money and is a great selling point. I think this is a no brainer if you ask me.

Hi tjvoip45,

Thanks for your continuous support. We hear you and this make perfect sense. But please understand the PoE electronics and the higher power rating adapter would cost something too. However, it is a very neat solution as you have indicated. :slight_smile:


I agree for PoE not only Balance One with 8 ports.

Would love to see SOHOs and Pep20 with PoE as it used in a lot of small branch office with 1-2 PoE VoIP Phones 1-3 PoE IP Cameras and may be 1 PoE WiFI AP in case of Pep20 deployments.