PEPLINK BALANCE ONE Feature Key question

I had a balance one up and die, so ordered a new one. fortunately i had a backup of my config so was able to restore my config from the old unit to the new unit. everything looks good, except I had a feature-key to unlock Lan 1-3 to make them WAN ports, now on my new unit that feature is disabled.

I do not have the email that had the feature-key in it and even if it did it is my understanding that key is tied to the serial number of the now dead unit.

I kept the warranty updated so should be able to get the dead unit repaired or replaced and have it as a spare.

I suppose I’ll need to call support/service to get my feature key re-assigned, its been 5 years and I’ll likely purchase the wan feature for my dead, at some point replaced balance one.

Am I on the right track here?

Since the defective unit is under warranty, you should proceed RMA. The WAN license key will be migrated from the defective unit to the replacement unit.

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I did open a ticket and have received a response asking for more info, which i have supplied. I went ahead and purchased a wan key for the new unit because i figured i would need to if i want the rma’d unit ready to go in the event the new unit goes belly up in the future.

it just seemed to make sense to do that since keys are tied to hardware and in the grand scheme of things the cost of the feature key isn’t all that much.

I found your ticket. It will be fine since you purchased the WAN license for your new unit. For the defective unit, please work with technical support. As mentioned, the WAN license will be transferred to the replacement unit once we proceed with the RMA.

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rma info received and dead unit boxed up and will be shipped out shortly.