Peplink Balance One-Core + Speedfuion License


Is it possible for Peplink Balance One Core and Speedfusion License to activate?

Also would like to ask if Speedfusion license will still work if we get all 5 WAN ports activated for this Balance One Core?

I can’t speak to the 5 WAN license, but you most definitely can put SpeedFusion on the Balance One.

Hello Jmjones, thanks for the respond. I might be wrong on this. Maybe the ports for BPL-One core that can be activated
are only 3 because the 2 WAN is already active am I right?

So if 3 WAN will be activated there will be 5 WAN already.

Im not sure if Speedfusion will still be available for this.

You are correct. All balance routers are multiWan - so there are two WAN ports when you get the router. The license turns 3 LAN ports into WAN ports. I would be surprised if speedfusion didn’t support all 5 WANs. Remember that you need another Peplink device to connect to in order to use SpeedFusion. You can also have multiple tunnels and include different links into each tunnel - I think. Wait for an official rep or call a certified dealer. I am sure they will have the answers to all of your questions

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Hello, can you help us how can we contact the technical support of peplink to ask regarding this matter?

Good luck to you sir

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