Peplink Balance One Core - Routing depending on "object" size?

Awaiting for my Balance One, I am thinking if is there an option to allow simple web browsing on WAN 1 and streaming, and downloads from WAN 2. Or instruct the Balance One to route depending on filesize?

Our traffic redirection is based on IP, Domain and Protocol. You may use outbound domain rule to achieve this. We provided the related domain for to get the related domains for others streaming and download sites.

Hope this help.

Thank you for clarifying. Does the peplink hold some statistics to show what domain has consumed more bandwidth? This would help tuning

Yes. This is available if you are using MediaFast Content Caching Router. Below is the screenshot.

Maybe you could add this feature to the Balance One (unless hardware specs are not capable of this). I would pay a little extra to have this feature, seems to be very useful to tune up the system