Peplink Balance One Core QoS


I currently have a Asus RT-AC68U router. ISPs available in my region are not reliable, so I have of them. However, the Asus router cannot handle Dual WAN properly with the original firmware, neither with the alternative ones.

I am considering buying Peplink Balance One Core as it looks very promising. I would keep using my Asus as access point, since its WiFi range is very good.

However, I’m concerned about Peplink QoS. I couldn’t see exactly how it is configured, because it’s apparently not available in the live demo. But from the manual it looks like it make packet analysis, does it?

Asus QoS uses a packet analyzer by Trend Micro which identifies pretty much any protocol, including some tricky ones, like Netflix, which use standard ports. See an example below:

So, what should I expect from Peplink QoS?

Let me rephrase my question:

What protocols do Peplink recognize on layer 7?

This information is not on the manual and the QoS menu is not accessible in the live demo.

Please check here.

Please go Advanced > Application.

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Are there any plans on including other protocolos?

I’d like to add maximum priority to games, then VoIP, etc. and the lowest priority to P2P, like bittorrent.

It would also be interesting to have more than three levels of QoS, and custom rules where the amount of traffic through the connection is considered, so we could separate web surfing and downloads through HTTP/HTTPS, for instance.

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I move your request to Feature Request for product team to take consideration.